MANUFACTURINGWe have established capabilities for one-pass processing to simultaneously handle more than one material on the same line.
We can cater to needs for combined processing of different materials with high speed and accuracy.
Our capabilities cover a broad range of materials, including those generally considered as being hard to process or handle.

Reasons for choosing OTIS
(proven track record)

We deal with a broad range of processing techniques to support many different industries. This section describes our in-house developed molds and equipment that support the technology.

Business Areas

Achievements by industry

Smartphones / Information Equipment

FPC stiffener/Waterproof film speaker cover/Optical tape for sensors/Receiver mesh film (water-repellent, anti-contamination filter) /Noise reduction and grounding for flexible/components/Resin fixing/Anti-cracking for LCD screens/Cushioning and anti-crack liquid crystal display for bezels /LCD/touch panel fitting/Glass and resin fixing (features for narrow frames and strong adherence)/Magnetic sheet for FeliCa antenna/Chip setting/Graphite for LCD screen and battery heat dissipation/Porous film/Grounding for antenna and LCD/monitor/Grounding (LCD)/Conduction, noise reduction (camera)/Conduction, noise/reduction, grounding (flexible LCD screen) /Spacer/Anti-cracking for cameras/Light-shielding tape/LED/LCD light shielding/Battery fixing/OCA for lens /LCD light diffuser/Polarizing plate/AR/AG film/Panel surface protection (anti-scratch, anti-fouling)/Caution labels/OCA for glass and LCD screens

Batteries / Energy

Battery pack heat dissipation/Thermal insulation for battery cells/Spacer/In the battery/Battery fixing/Fixing for battery cells and packs/Automotive battery

EV / Automobile Components

TIM for LiDAR/Rador sensors/Optical film (OCA/AG/AR)/Thermal film (antifogging, snow protection)/Anti-magnetic features for LCD screen (specific frequency)/Heat dissipation and insulation for switchboard/Automotive circuit board/Sheet for shipping protection/Surface finishing (coating masking) /Panel surface finishing (coating masking, anti-scratch)/Side panel resin fixing for car navigation system /Inner pressure control/Ferrite sheet fixing inside an engine/Automotive instrument panel/Anti-cracking for tail lamp/Emblem adhesive tape/Sensor fixing

Home Electronics / Video Games

Semiconductor processing components/VR headset lens fixing/Multimedia video game console panel fixing (narrow frame)/RFID, deep ultraviolet (PI, AI)/Noise reduction for cameras/Masking for semiconductor junction materials/Waterproof film for earphones
Thermal insulation/Semiconductor junction materials/LCD screen protection/Light shielding sheet (digital camera) /HDD heat dissipation materials/Speaker cushioning/Fixing agents for drone components

Medical & Health Care

Gel padding/OCA for wearable devices/Dental matrices/Antibacterial film/Disposable test kit
Dental matrices/Molding of different materials/Tape-free adhesives/Insect repellent sheet
Applications for fixing devices (sensor, needle, etc.) on the skin /Surgical tape


Thermal conductivity components
Insulation components
Dustproof /
Dustproof / waterproof components
Optical components
Noiseproof /
Noiseproof / vibrationproof components
Light-shielding /
Light-shielding / reflecting components
Conductive components

OTIS manufacturing

What is film processing?

In addition to controlling the shape of films and tapes, we are capable of laminating various types of films with different functions to achieve multifunctional films.
The following presents details of such film processing methods, taking a recent product as an example. The product was the result of cooperation between the customer and OTIS, which has obtained a license for manufacturing medical equipment, to work together from the development stage leading up to material selection and shape control, while creating many prototypes and engaging in earnest discussions.

Processing flow

A number of different types of films that vary in thickness, material, and shape are connected on a roll-to-roll basis, and presses and laminators are laid out in an appropriate combination.


Process 1
Process 2
Process 3