OTIS Co., Ltd.
Representative Director & President


As CEO of OTIS, I am committed to developing the company to continue in business for at least 100 years, and make it a company that all employees are happy to work for and one they would like their children to join in the future.

The company should be able to serve its customers and employees as well as the local community.

Japan’s manufacturing industry is facing a very difficult business environment, where companies must take action in order to continue to grow. Otherwise, companies will simply gradually wane with age or suddenly die one day.

In these circumstances, we need to open the way to the future for ourselves and our company, in order to continue serving our customers and the local community and protect the families of our employees.

To this end, we need to promote behavior change to shift from the reactive to proactive approach, while seeking opportunities to learn new things. The management team should play a leadership role in encouraging the relevant efforts across the company. Such efforts should be designed to develop a long-term education plan anticipating the future 10 years down the road, and to create an innovation-inspiring environment.

Some of you may have a fear of change, but look at the global situation undergoing a significant change. All we need to do is to take a lead in promoting that change.

If it is difficult to readily find a solution for the future, you can take a step-by-step approach and embrace the challenge of exploring possible solutions. At OTIS, we will maintain a sense of crisis and strive to contribute to the development of many manufacturing industries in line with our Mission, thereby realizing achievement and fulfillment. And, according to our Vision, we will aim to become a business partner and employer of first choice for many customers and employees.

You have only one life to live, as everyone else does. You spend a substantial period of time at work, whether or not you desire to, during your limited lifetime. So, you should be able to enjoy yourself both at home and at work.

Take action in earnest to achieve this state, and you will make a significant difference.

To make a true difference, you must act differently than before. We need to make a difference, so let’s start acting differently. Theories, criticism, and complaints are chiefly looking back at the past, rather than discussing the future. In order to address the age of change, it is essential to continuously think about the future. Think and act on your own initiative and work together with those sharing an aspiration for the future.

I believe that this will make things more enjoyable.

Tackling challenges involves the risk of failure. Yet, you can laugh at your failures and hardships. OTIS seeks out such personalities. Let’s make steady, persistent efforts while learning from mistakes and failures, with the aim of creating a brighter future together.

My dream retirement life is to: go beach-side camping; bake pizza in a homemade hearth; go fishing: watch comedy shows over wine; write books; make films, to name a few. I will spend each day without worrying about money until reaching my last day at 75 in a room with a good view of the sunset, dying of old age.

With this dream in mind, I am devoting myself to the work of investing in projects helping those in need and struggling, and contributing to society. I find joy in doing my work.