OTIS at a Glance

OTIS in Summary

OTIS and its group companies are aware of their responsibility as a member of society, and are committed to contributing to sustainable social and economic development in harmony with the global environment through conducting sound business activities. Thus, we strive to win the trust of our customers and employees as well as of society at large.

Mission & Vision Company Profile

Technical Capabilities

We have established our own production networks to offer a speedy one-stop service for a range of processes from prototyping to mass-production.
We can cater to needs for combined processing of different materials with high speed and accuracy. Our capabilities cover a broad range of materials, including those generally considered as being hard to process or handle.

OTIS manufacturing

Workplace Environment

OTIS works to create a workplace environment enabling high quality mass-production and efficient sales activities. We aim to become a company that not only all employees are happy to work at, but one they would like their children to join in the future.

New Initiatives

We take on new challenges proactively to enter new fields of business, in an effort to achieve our Mission and Vision.


One of our latest challenges has been to enter the e-sports market, which is burgeoning on a global scale. In the industry, we are promoting a B2C business to directly approach end users, seeking to deliver new consumer value.
We have launched the new brand XTEN to market high-performance gaming gear, such as mouse pads, that meet the demanding requirements of world-leading professional e-sports athletes.

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